What happened to the Broccoli Wad?

How much of the business does Vinny get from the Wad?

She agrees to give them the $50k in exchange for 40% of the business, so long as Vinny puts his face on the packaging and the Broccoli Wad becomes the Vinny Wad. In addition to that, 20% of her desired 40% would go to Vinny.

Why did they change the name of the Vinny wad?

Other terms: Closing conditions called for the product name to be changed to the Vinny Wad and for Vinny Pastore’s resemblance to be on the product. Barbara’s investment bought her a 40% stake, of which she gave half to Vinny for becoming the face of the product.

Why did Pastore and O'Leary leave the Vinny wad?

Corcoran decides that she would be back in if they converted the Broccoli Wad into the Vinny Wad. However, Pastore isn’t so sure if he would be sticking with the business long term because he isn’t currently being paid enough. Deciding that this would turn into a far too expensive investment, O’Leary drops out.

How much is the Vinny Guadagnino concert band worth?

Each packaged unit comes with four bands and will sell for around $10-15 dollars each. In addition to that, they have already filmed two 2 minute advertisements that feature Vinny and his other co-stars from Sopranos.

image-What happened to the Broccoli Wad?
image-What happened to the Broccoli Wad?
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