What is a remote retreat?

How to create a remote team retreat for your business?

  • Another favorite remote team retreat, camping, has been used by companies to build the workplace spirit. Make sure your employees have all the camping essentials. Then, get all the employees to gather at the camping site. While there, sit around the campfire with roasted marshmallows and share fun stories.

What is included in the retreat program?

  • Our retreat programs always include twice daily yoga classes and evening meditation plus additional daily workshops exploring yoga, meditation, mindfulness, stress, self care or nutrition. They are optional to attend.

What do you get with a yoga retreat?

  • You’ll get your accommodation, linen & towels, daily themed workshops, twice daily yoga, evening meditations, all delicious organic whole-food meals, all drinks and snacks. Indulge, refresh & transform yourself with our optional extras.

image-What is a remote retreat?
image-What is a remote retreat?
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