What is a solo retreat?

Where can I go on holiday as a solo traveller?

  • Retreats for solo travellers. 1 Curious House, East Sussex, England. Short and brilliant art and craft retreats in characterful locations to unleash your creative spirit. 2 Gaia House, Devon, England. 3 The Original FX Mayr, Austria. 4 Yobaba Lounge. 5 Jessica McGregor Johnson retreats. More items

Where can I find self-directed personal retreats in Minnesota?

  • Mount Olivet Conference and Retreat Center in Farmington, 30 minutes south of St. Paul, offers self-directed personal retreats with motel-style lodging on 150 acres along Chub Lake.

Why single Travellers should choose these retreats?

  • We’ve chosen these retreats for single travellers because we know you’ll be looked after by your hosts, and if you want to, you’ll meet other like-minded solo people. You might be tempted by a cognitive reboot in a magical setting in France, or maybe you fancy rebalancing your busy modern life on retreat in Sri Lanka.

image-What is a solo retreat?
image-What is a solo retreat?
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