What is Belleview Inn known for?

How many rooms does the Belleview Place have?

  • Belleview Place developer JMC Communities made an early commitment to honor the legacy of the Belleview Biltmore Hotel by preserving and renovating the original lobby and 35 guest rooms of the four-and-a-half-story “White Queen of the Gulf.”

Who is Henry Plant of Belleview?

  • Henry Plant didn’t just build the original iteration of the hotel that is now The Belleview Inn. He’s the little-known individual responsible for kick-starting the development of Florida. While Henry Plant’s Victorian hotel has seen a lot of change in her 120 years, one thing that has always remained consistent: her glamour and grace.

What is opal collection at Belleview Place?

  • Today, the restored Victorian beauty offers hotel guests as well as Belleview Place residents a unique set of amenities operated by Opal Collection, an exclusive ensemble of premier luxury hotels and resorts.

image-What is Belleview Inn known for?
image-What is Belleview Inn known for?
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