What is God force?

What is godgod force in Naruto?

  • God Force was actually a Chinese gadget created by Chen Gong, a military adviser, who thought it up in order to aid Lü Bu during numerous dangerous predicaments resulting from each time he betrayed a lord. To be exact, it is the strongest weapon born from the Romance of the Three Kingdoms era of China.

What will the MAN AC honor/glorify the god with?

  • In other words, the man AC will honor/glorify with gold, silver, precious stones and coveted things the god of forces in the fortresses/strong holds of his forces.

Who are the ones in Star Wars?

  • The Ones were a family of exceptionally powerful Force wielders who lived on the planet Mortis during the Clone Wars. Led by the Father, the Son and Daughter were embodiments of the dark and light sides of the Force, respectively. The Son and the Daughter were worshiped as the Twin Deities or simply as the spirits in the Nightsisters ' religion.

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