What is Oberlin Ohio known for?

What are the best places to eat in Oberlin?

  • “In the Heart of Oberlin’s Historic...” 4. Blue Rooster Bakehouse “Love the bakery. Great for gluten free” “Best gluten free brownie EVER!” 5. Slow Train Cafe

What kind of house does Oberlin College have?

  • The house is now owned by Oberlin College and houses the Community Music School. Greek Revival style with neo-Georgian porches added by King. Sandstone lintels, wide cornice returns, and multi-paned windows are part of the original house. National Register of Historic Places.

Where is opoberlin on the map?

  • Oberlin is on Route 58 (North/South) between Amherst and Wellington as well as on Route 511 (East/West). Within the city limits, R58 is known as Main Street and R511 is known as Lorain St. Route 20 (where it is also known as Kipton East Road) runs south of town and connects to R58.

image-What is Oberlin Ohio known for?
image-What is Oberlin Ohio known for?
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