What is Orono Maine known for?

What can you do in Orono?

  • In Orono, Maine, you can search the cosmos, climb the walls, enjoy top collegiate athletics, explore a Maine bog, learn about Maine’s Native peoples and enjoy classical music and performances.

Where to stay in Orono Maine?

  • Those interested in Native culture should also travel to nearby Indian Island and visit The Penobscot Nation Museum. Some Orono, Maine hotels to consider are the University Inn Academic Suites, the Black Bear Inn & Conference Center and these suggestions. Also, scroll through the list of regional businesses below.

What are the best things to do in Maine?

  • The refuge has trails and is known for its birdwatching. You can shop in Orono for products from Maine companies. Drop into Shaw & Tenney, which since 1858 has been hand-making classic maritime gear like canoe and kayak paddles. And check out Byer of Maine’s Factory Store for outdoor gear and furniture. Orono has a good crop of cultural hubs, too.

image-What is Orono Maine known for?
image-What is Orono Maine known for?
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