What is Steamboat Rock State Park?

What is Steamboat Rock used for?

  • Steamboat Rock is a long-established area landmark, first used by nomadic Native American tribes and then by early settlers. The military currently uses the area for aircraft flying training missions. The basalt butte rises 800 feet above Banks Lake. It was once an island in the Columbia River bed.

Is Steamboat Rock a good place to stay with kids?

  • We stayed with our children at many parks in WA and OR, and Steamboat Rock was our family's favorite summer campground. The kids are grown, and this spring my partner and I stayed at Steamboat again. This review covers both the summer tent camping and the spring cabin stay.

Is the hike to Steamboat Rock worth it?

  • - The hike up Steamboat Rock is pleasant with good views. There is a short patch where the footing is a bit rough due to loose rocks.

image-What is Steamboat Rock State Park?
image-What is Steamboat Rock State Park?
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