What is the Boomerang-Head Amphibian?

What is a baby boomer-head salamander?

Baby Boomer-Heads had a normal salamander-oid shape, with a rounded snout lined with needle-sharp teeth ideal for snapping up worms on the bottom of ponds. Weirdness entered the growth cycle as Diplocaulus approached adolescence.

How big was the Boomerang-head?

The Boomerang-Head (my favorite nickname for the Diplocaulus ) was only of modest size – twenty pounds live weight would be an average adult. But since the first discovery in 1878, the extraordinary cranial design has flummoxed the best paleontological minds.

How much does Boomerang cost?

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image-What is the Boomerang-Head Amphibian?
image-What is the Boomerang-Head Amphibian?
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