What is the Flor de la playa in Sayulita?

What to do in Sayulita Mexico?

Welcome to sunny Sayulita! Home to beautiful beaches, Beachfront Hotels, Mexican culture, world-class activities and more, you will fall in love with this seaside surfer town. Often called the “ crown jewel “ of the Riviera Nayarit, Beachfront vacation rentals are a favorite with travelers to the area.

Why Punta Sayulita is the best place to surf?

Home to the annual Punta Sayulita Surf classic completion, Sayulita is widely known to surfers around the world. With a number of surf schools, novice surfers share the beach with tourists, beach bums, hot bodies and world-class surfers alike.

Can you go scuba diving in Sayulita Mexico?

Snorkeling & Scuba Diving. The main beach of Sayulita does not offer great snorkeling but there are three snorkel locations within walking distance. It is advisable to bring your own snorkeling equipment to Sayulita Mexico, however limited rentals are available with local beach consessionares and village shops.

image-What is the Flor de la playa in Sayulita?
image-What is the Flor de la playa in Sayulita?
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