What is the history of Fort Douglas?

When was the transfer of Fort Douglas to University of Utah?

  • Transfer of Fort Douglas to the University of Utah started two years later and was completed in 1993, leaving only the memories of the more than 50,000 military personnel that had been stationed in Salt Lake City.

What is Camp Douglas?

  • Camp Douglas was established in October 1862, during the American Civil War, as a small military garrison about three miles east of Salt Lake City, Utah, to protect the overland mail route and telegraph lines along the Central Overland Route.

Is Fort Douglas still in use today?

  • A small section of the original fort is still used by the U.S. Army Reserve and includes the Fort Douglas Military Museum. The fort was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1975, for its role in the Civil War and in furthering the settlement of Utah.

image-What is the history of Fort Douglas?
image-What is the history of Fort Douglas?
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