What is the meaning of abundant with?

Is abundant with or is abundant in?

Having an abundance of something; abounding: a region abundant in wildlife. Now the website you looked at does say that abundant in is a lot more common than abundant with.

Which preposition is used with abundant?

Near synonyms are plentiful, emphasizing "large amounts," and ample, emphasizing "more than enough." The adjective abundant is commonly followed by the prepositions with or in, to mean "filled with or rich in something": a region abundant in natural resources.

What did Jesus mean when he said life more abundantly?

Origin. The term "abundant life" comes from the Bible verse John 10:10b, "I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly." "More abundantly" means to have a superabundance of a thing. "Abundant life" refers to life in its abounding fullness of joy and strength for spirit, soul and body ...

What is the opposite of abundant with?

Abundance is the opposite of scarcity.

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image-What is the meaning of abundant with?

What is an example of a abundant?

The definition of abundant is something that there is plenty of or that exists in great amounts. An example of abundant is sand at the beach or plants in a rain forest. Fully sufficient; found in copious supply; in great quantity; overflowing.


What is noun of abundant?

abundance. A large quantity; many. [First attested around 1150 to 1350.] An overflowing fullness or ample sufficiency; profusion; copious supply; superfluity; plentifulness.


What do you mean by profuse?

Definition of profuse

1 : pouring forth liberally : extravagant profuse in their thanks. 2 : exhibiting great abundance : bountiful a profuse harvest.


Is abundant a good word?

present in great quantity; more than adequate; oversufficient: an abundant supply of water. well supplied with something; abounding: a river abundant in salmon.


Is abundant an adjective?

ABUNDANT (adjective) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.


Can a person be abundant?

Those with an abundant mentality believe there is plenty of everything in the world from resources, love, relationships, wealth and opportunities. ... Those with a lack mentality prefer to believe that there is limited opportunities, resources, relationships, love and wealth.Aug 12, 2016


What is the adjective form of abundance?

adjective. /əˈbʌndənt/ (formal) existing in large quantities; more than enough synonym plentiful Fish are abundant in the lake.


What part of speech is abundant?

Fully sufficient; found in copious supply; in great quantity.

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