What is the population of Burlington Iowa?

What was the population of Burlington in the 2010 census?

  • The population was 25,663 in the 2010 census, a decline from the 26,839 population in the 2000 census. Burlington is the center of a micropolitan area including West Burlington, Iowa, and Middletown, Iowa, and Gulfport, Illinois.

What was the first capital of the Iowa Territory?

  • The Iowa Territory was organized in the following year, and Burlington was named as its first territorial capital. The government used "Old Zion," the first Methodist Church in Iowa (located near what is now Third and Washington streets), to conduct its business.

What was the original name of Burlington?

  • On May 22, 1849, Maj. William Williams visited Burlington, writing a brief description in his journal: This town [was] originally called Flint Hill- the Indian name was Shoquokon, Flint or Rock Hill. [It is] beautifully elevated, situated on the west side of the Mississippi River, a place of very considerable business.

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image-What is the population of Burlington Iowa?
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