What is the significance of the Breakers?

Where can I find the Breakers stable?

  • Check the operating schedule. The Breakers Stable & Carriage House is located approximately a half-mile west of the house, on Coggeshall Avenue. Completed in 1895, it is 100 feet deep and 150 feet wide, U-shaped with a carriage house in the center.

How was the Breakers built to prevent fire?

  • Vanderbilt took several measures to reduce the danger of fire, including brick-and-steel construction and the placement of the boiler room beneath the lawn away from the house rather than directly under the building. The Breakers was completed in 1895 and the Vanderbilt family first occupied it in the summer of that year.

Are there any castle breaks with discounts on Sunday nights?

  • Prices are often better value on Sunday nights. Scroll down to browse our list of castle breaks, many of which include special offers and discounts. Parts of this historic castle date from the 13th century. Rebuilt as a country house in the 19th century, Ruthin Castle played host to the highest in Victorian and Edwardian society.

image-What is the significance of the Breakers?
image-What is the significance of the Breakers?
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