What is there to do in Montego Bay?

What is the name of the airport in Montego Bay?

  • Montego Bay. Montego Bay is a popular tourist destination featuring duty-free shopping, a cruise line terminal and several beaches and resorts. The city is served by the Donald Sangster International Airport, the busiest airport in the Anglophone Caribbean, which is located within the official city limits.

What is the meaning of the song Montego Bay?

  • "Montego Bay" is a song co-written and performed by Bobby Bloom about the city in Jamaica of the same name. The song was a Top 10 hit for Bloom in the Fall of 1970 on both sides of the Atlantic. It reached #3 on the UK Singles Chart, #5 on the Canadian RPM 100 Singles Chart, #7 on the Australian Go-Set Singles Chart...

What is the telephone number for Montego Bay?

  • +1-876. +1-658 (Overlay of 876; active in November 2018) Montego Bay is the capital of the parish of St. James and is also Jamaica's only other officially incorporated city, referred to as The Second City or more widely known as MoBay in local lingo and sometimes Bay by the locals.

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