What mountains are in Hendersonville NC?

Are there mountain views in Hendersonville NC?

Located just five miles from downtown Hendersonsville is Jump Off Rock, a drive-to scenic overlook with panoramic mountain views. ... After driving a curvy mountain road up to the 3,100-foot summit, find a small park with a stone overlook, benches and several short hiking trails.

Is Hendersonville NC worth visiting?

It's still one of our favorite cities to visit for food, festivals, and bevies — especially since Hendersonville is only about a 40-minute drive from downtown Asheville. What can you do in Hendersonville, NC? Hendersonville is filled with delicious and unique restaurants. Play pinball or shop for your dog.Nov 5, 2021

What mountain is Jump Off Rock on?

Atop Echo Mountain is the scenic overlook, Jump Off Rock, which provides a panoramic view of rolling pastures, the Blue Ridge and Pisgah mountain ranges. Throughout the year, Jump Off Rock is utilized for concerts, weddings, funerals, and family picnics.

Is Hendersonville NC A good place to live?

Hendersonville is on the list of the 100 Best Small Towns in America and also rated as one of the best places in the country to retire. Thanks to the physical beauty and moderate climate, many well to do retirees have chosen Hendersonville as their permanent home.

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image-What mountains are in Hendersonville NC?

Why is it called Jump Off Rock?

Over 300 years ago a young Cherokee Indian maiden received word that her young Indian Chief had been killed in battle, so she climbed to the edge of the rock and jumped off. Indian legend has it that on moonlit nights you can see the ghost of the maiden on Jump Off Rock.


What states can you see from Jump Off Rock?

Jump Off Rock, in Laurel Park, North Carolina, doles out astounding views from its scenic granite overlook at 3,100 feet above sea level – and better yet? You can drive all the way up to the lookout point!Feb 7, 2019


Where can I watch the sunset in Hendersonville?

The Blue Ridge Parkway

It's about a two-hour drive from taking the parkway from Hendersonville, but Waterrock Knob, at milepost 451.2, is one of the most popular spots along the parkway to view the sun setting on the Great Smoky Mountains on the horizon.
Dec 26, 2018


How far is Hendersonville NC from the ocean?

The total driving distance from Hendersonville, NC to Myrtle Beach, SC is 285 miles or 459 kilometers.


Does Hendersonville NC have a downtown?

Downtown Hendersonville has the second largest downtown in western North Carolina (Asheville is the biggest) with many things to do, see and taste. Beautiful Main Street serpentines around planter boxes and lush landscaping.

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