What part of Mexico is close to Arizona?
The distance between Los Algodones and Yuma, Az is 7 miles. The road distance is 12.1 miles. How do I travel from Los Algodones to Yuma, Az without a car? The best way to get from Los Algodones to Yuma, Az without a car is to line 5 bus and line 2 bus which takes 1h 12m and costs $80. How long does it take to get from Los Algodones to Yuma, Az?

Is it safe to go to Algodones Mexico?

Los Algodones, Mexico is a safe place thanks to its location and population size. There are no downtown or tourist sites where many people can get close contact.Dec 16, 2020

Do you need a passport to go to Los Algodones Mexico?

Can you cross the Los Algodones border without a passport? To cross the Los Algodones border, you will need a valid passport book, passport card, or an enhanced driver's license. This is true of all land border crossings into Mexico.

What is Algodones Mexico known for?

The Mexican Medical Border Town of Algodones. Algodones, Mexico is a popular border town destination for medical tourism for residents of the United States and Canada, offering more pharmacies, doctors, dentists, and opticians in a concentrated area than anywhere else in the world.Jan 6, 2020

Is Algodones Mexico open to US citizens?

US Mexico Border Reopening

Los Algodones Border Crossing times have returned to their normal schedule: opening at 06:00 AM and closing at 10:00 PM California Time. ... If you're a Canadian or American citizen traveling by air, airport authorities could ask for a valid vaccination certificate.

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image-What part of Mexico is close to Arizona?

Can US citizens go to Algodones Mexico?

Entry Requirements

American citizens need to present a valid passport or passport card for entering Mexico. US citizens are allowed a visa-less stay for less than 72 hours within 12-18 miles of the border zone.


How long is the line in Algodones?

The Andrade border is open seven days a week from 6 am to 10 pm. During this time, there is one lane for commercial vehicles and three lanes for passenger vehicles. Early in the morning, the wait time is at its longest of about 40 minutes. For the shortest wait time of 10 minutes, you'll need to arrive around midday.


How many dentists are in Algodones Mexico?

There are over 350 dentists practicing in Los Algodones today, and all within ten minutes walking distance from the border. It happened in Algodones because low cost, high quality and efficiency came together. Dental services in Algodones cost is about 70% to 75% less than in the United Sates.


What Mexican town borders Yuma Arizona?

Los Algodones, Baja California, is a small Mexican town located on the extreme northeastern tip of the municipality of Mexicali, approximately 16 km (9.9 mi) west of Yuma, Arizona, USA.


What city in Mexico is across the border from Yuma Arizona?

Located a mere seven miles from Yuma, Arizona, Algodones is a must-see destination for vacationers and travelers in the Yuma area.


Is the Nogales border crossing safe?

The short answer is yes: as long as you take every caution and never travel alone. Keep in mind that the U.S.-Mexico border at Nogales is in almost constant use by the international drug trade and human trafficking networks, so crime is never far away.Dec 16, 2021


Can US citizens travel to Mexico for dental work?

While US tourists and most medical tourists cannot cross the US-Mexico border, dental tourism to Mexico is being treated as essential travel.Jun 24, 2020


What time does the Arizona Mexico border closed?

There are many other things you should know about when crossing the Arizona/Mexico border. The border is CLOSED Midnight to 6am.


How do I get from Yuma to Los Algodones?

Yuma to Los Algodones bus services, operated by Yuma County Intergovernmental Public Transportation Authority, arrive at SR 186 @ Andrade Port of Entry station. Can I drive from Yuma to Los Algodones? Yes, the driving distance between Yuma to Los Algodones is 14 km. It takes approximately 10 min to drive from Yuma to Los Algodones.


Where is Algodones Mexico?

Visiting Algodones: The Mexican Medical Border Town. Algodones is located 7 miles south of ​ Yuma, Arizona off Interstate 8, but you will be crossing the border at Andrade, California in order to access this small Mexican town located in the state of Baja California.


Where to go to Mexico from Yuma?

Because of the jog in the international border, Mexico lies both to the south and to the west of Yuma! There are two ports of entry for you to choose from, for your time in Mexico. Getting to the Los Algodones port of entry is just a quick jaunt, a few miles to the west of Yuma.


Is the Los Algodones border crossing open?

Los Algodones border crossing remains open from 6:00 am to 2:00 pm California time. This, as a measure to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus. This action is temporary and expected to continue through June 21st, 2021.

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