What time does Levi stadium store open?

How much are beers at Levi stadium?

Here's a breakdown of prices at gourmet concessions at Levi's Stadium: Beer: $10.25 for 20-ounce domestic and $11 for 18-ounce "premium" "Frankfurter": $6.25. Sausage or bratwurst: $8.25.Jul 25, 2014

Can you tour Levi's Stadium?

Public tours of Levi's Stadium and its new 49ers Museum let you check out all this fabulousness, even if you're not going to a game or event. The stadium also makes it easy to use public transport, with close-by access to local light rail, bus, and Caltrain.

What is allowed in Levi Stadium?

Bags that comply with the Bag Policy (see Bag Policy above) Binoculars shorter than 6 inches (case prohibited) Blankets. Cameras with 3-inch lenses or shorter (no lights, tripods, selfie-sticks or monopods)

Can you tailgate at Levi stadium?

Tailgating at Levi's Stadium: Rules

The stadium has a few rules for tailgating, which you can view on its parking page. The only big ones are that glass containers aren't allowed and your tailgate party can't obstruct vehicle or foot traffic.
Sep 6, 2021

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image-What time does Levi stadium store open?

How much does it cost to park at Levi's Stadium?

If you plan to park in the Levi Stadium parking lots, you can expect to pay $30. Driving an RV or bus to the game can park in the green lot and blue lot at the venue. Finding parking near Levi Stadium can be difficult for popular games, so use SpotHero above to reserve a parking space before getting to the arena.


What is the seating capacity of Levi Stadium?

Levi's® Stadium is the next generation of stadium design. The $1.2 billion venue has 1.85 million square feet, seats approximately 68,500 and features 165 luxury suites and 8,500 club seats. One of the most unique features of the facility is the green roof atop the suite tower on the west side of the stadium.


How early can you enter Levi Stadium?

Stadium gates open at 3:20 p.m.Sep 24, 2021


Can you drink at NFL games?

Guests must be 18+, and in possession of a valid government issued ID to purchase, handle and consume alcohol. Please note the stadium operates a 'Challenge 25' policy. Budweiser, Tottenham Hotspur Stadium and the NFL want to remind adult fans to drink responsibly on Gameday and respect the other fans.Oct 8, 2021


Where can I purchase a Levi's® Stadium gift card or corporate order?

  • Gift cards and corporate orders can be purchased at the following locations: Levi’s® Stadium Team Store presented by Visa Bourbon Steak & Bourbon Pub 49ers Team Store presented by Visa Return Policy *Please note, the Levi’s® Stadium Team Store presented by Visa will only be open to ticket holders on event days.


How do I request accessible seating at Levi's® Stadium?

  • Please contact the Levi’s® Stadium Visa Box Office at (408) 579–4449 for questions regarding accessible seating. Guests requesting wheelchair assistance can do so by calling our Mobility Assistance Team at (408) 579-4610. Learn about all of Levi’s® Stadium accessible services here. No alcohol may be brought into Levi’s® Stadium.


What happens to alcohol purchased at Levi's Stadium?

  • Alcohol purchased at Levi’s® Stadium is not to be removed from Levi’s® Stadium. Stadium Management reserves the right to change policies or procedures at any time without notice. Alcohol purchased at Levi’s® Stadium is not to be removed from Levi’s® Stadium.


How do I get a wristband for my child at Levi's Stadium?

  • Wristbands that can be given to children with the parents contact information, as well as seat location, are available at any of Levi’s® Stadiums Guest Service Stations located on the main and upper concourse. Strollers are welcome at Levi’s® Stadium, but are not allowed to be stored in an aisle or under a seat.

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