What time does the Long Island Aquarium open?

What is Long Island Aquarium known for?

  • Long Island Aquarium is more than a fascinating place to explore and experience the wonders of the sea. It’s also a place committed to preserving and protecting marine life of all types. Long Island Aquarium is home to the New York Marine Rescue Center, New York States only authorized stranding and research facility.

Is the Riverhead aquarium worth a visit?

  • Is it one of the biggest aquariums in the country, no, but it has a large variety of exhibits including a fun shark area and a butterfly garden. Parking can be a bit of a pain but that's expected right in the downtown area of Riverhead. They also have an adorable Instagram account!

Should I get a Long Island Aquarium membership?

  • Please save your money and get a membership at NY Aquarium in Brooklyn where you can can count on good customer service. I'm surprised there are only 3.5 stars for Long Island Aquarium, it's an adorable place to spend an afternoon for kids and adults alike!

image-What time does the Long Island Aquarium open?
image-What time does the Long Island Aquarium open?
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