What to do in Amber Cove?

Does Amber Cove have a beach?

  • Amber Cove does not have a beach, but the port is surrounded by some of the Caribbean's best beaches. Take a day trip to Cayo Arena, a tiny island accessible only by boat, or visit nearby Playa Dorada on your own.

What is the closest beach to Amber Cove?

  • There are also some free water activities that you can undertake while at the beach, or rent out paddleboards, jet skis and other water toys. While coconut cove is a good beach, the better option would be Sosua beach , located about 30-minutes away from Amber cove. Sosua is located between Puerto Plata and Cabarete Bay.

Where is Amber Cove located?

  • Check us out!!! Welcome To. Amber Cove. Located in the province of Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic's north coast region, Amber Cove merges the historic colonial architecture with the modern contemporary amenities of the greatest ports in the world.

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image-What to do in Amber Cove?
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