What to do in Jozani forest?

What should I wear in Jozani Forest?

What to wear on Jozani Forest Tour. This is a relatively short tour. You can dress appropriately as local guides are Muslims, therefore, no too revealing clothes for females. Flip flops and any other summer shoes are good to wear as paths in Jozani forest are nice and the boardwalk is made of wood.Feb 9, 2020

How to do Jozani Forest Tour on Zanzibar?

  • To save on time and money, Jozani Forest Tour can be done en route to Paje and south eastern places on Zanzibar. If coming from northern or North Eastern villages, the ride will be longer and more expensive. Well, independent travellers can do it on their own easily. All you have to do is hire a taxi driver to take you to Jozani.

Where is the forest on Zanzibar Island?

  • The forest is located in the central east region of the Zanzibar Island. Just about a 20min drive from Stone Town. It is a narrow neck of land between the Chwaka Bay in the north and Uzi Bay to the south.

What to do in Zanzibar?

  • Jozani Chwaka Bay National Park or shorter – Jozani Forest is the only national park on Zanzibar. Very small, only 50 km 2 (19 sq mi) but a beautiful and tranquil place to visit! If you have never been to Zanzibar, Jozani Forest tour is one of must see tours on Zanzibar. Jozani forest is a natural pharmacy, an amazing source of natural remedies!

image-What to do in Jozani forest?
image-What to do in Jozani forest?

How long does it take to hike the Jozani Forest trail?

  • The main trail begins at the park entrance and takes about an hour at a leisurely stroll. When I visited, a resident Jozani forest guide was assigned to us after paying the entrance fee. With a little bit grumpy and tired attitude he lead us through the paths in the forest and later in mangrove area on the other side of the park.

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