What to do in York England today?

What is explore York?

  • Explore. To explore York is to explore 2000 years of history, from the ancient walls of Roman York to the Viking remains of JORVIK and the grandeur of Georgian York. Delve into York’s heritage, discover hidden attractions off the beaten track, enjoy a vivid food and drink scene and wander in and out of contemporary independent shops.

What are the best views in York City?

  • The best views in the city can be seen from the top of the 275 steps that climb up York Minster’s Central Tower to the highest point in the city. From here you can look down on York and admire the rooftops of the old and new buildings and the sight of the River Ouse snaking around the city.

How much history is there in York?

  • Just two hours north of London by rail, the city of York holds 1900 years' worth of history in its ancient walls. The Romans built the city in 71 AD, and the Vikings captured it in 866 AD. Stop by the Yorkshire Museum and Gardens for a look at what the Roman and Vikings left behind (they must have packed light when they left).

image-What to do in York England today?
image-What to do in York England today?
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