What to expect at Great Wolf Lodge?

Who is the founder of Great Wolf Lodge?

  • 1. Founding. Great Wolf Lodge was founded by brothers Jack and Andrew “Tuck” Waterman in Wisconsin in 1997. The Waterman brothers owned a smaller park called Noah’s Ark before venturing into building a much larger attraction.

What are the mascots at Great Wolf Lodge called?

  • Like any good amusement park, Great Wolf Lodge has mascots. They show up for children’s activities and at character breakfast buffets. The mascots include Wiley Wolf, Violet Wolf, Oliver Raccoon, Rachel Raccoon, Brinley Bear and Sammy Squirrel.

Who owns Great Wolf Lodge Sandusky?

  • In 1999, Great Wolf Lodge was purchased by Marc Vaccaro and Bruce Neiaser of The Great Lakes Company. They continued to expand the lodge and opened a second location in Sandusky, Ohio near Cedar Point Amusement Park.

image-What to expect at Great Wolf Lodge?
image-What to expect at Great Wolf Lodge?
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