What was the original fleet of Monarch Airlines?

What is another word for Monarch Airlines?

  • This article is about the defunct British airline. For the defunct American airline, see Monarch Airlines (1946–1950). Monarch Airlines, also known as Monarch, was a British charter and scheduled airline founded by Bill Hodgson and Don Peacock and financed by the Swiss Sergio Mantegazza family.

Why Monarch Tractor?

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What happened to monarch's Britannia aircraft?

  • By 1976, Monarch had transitioned to an all-jet fleet, following the sale of the airline's last Britannia to Greek cargo charter airline Afrek on 21 May of that year. Two years earlier, the airline had retired its last passenger-configured Britannia, which operated the type's final commercial passenger flight in Europe on 9 October 1974.

image-What was the original fleet of Monarch Airlines?
image-What was the original fleet of Monarch Airlines?
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