What's new at Splish Splash 2018?

What is Splish Splash on Long Island?

  • Splish Splash is Long Island's best family water park, featuring 96 acres of family-friendly fun, including 20 water slides, rides, and attractions, including two wavepools, a large Kiddie Area, a lazy river, and tropical bird show,and our two newest addition, Bombs Away and Riptide Racer are making a splash!

What swimwear sizes does Splish Splash offer?

  • Splish Splash Swimwear stocks a full range of women’s swimwear sizes, from 6 to 26 and in cup sizes from A to G. There really is something for any body type and shape. Bikinis can be bought as separates so that bikini bottoms and tops do not have to be the same size, making it possible to find the perfect fit !

image-What's new at Splish Splash 2018?
image-What's new at Splish Splash 2018?
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