Where are Fairplay golf carts made?

What happened to Clark's Fairplay carts?

  • What exactly happened is a mystery, but it appears that CLARK never ended up manufacturing many, if any, Fairplay carts. Though Fairplay carts are no longer produced, they are still available on many used markets. The Fairplay golf cart is known for a fairly “firm” drive, one which doesn’t feature a lot of excessive movement as you drive.

What are the pros and cons of using a gogolf cart?

  • Golf carts are very trendy as a recreational vehicle providing hours of fun over short distances and are more environmentally friendly than normal cars. They can be driven by children from the age of 13 upwards in certain states.

Are all golf carts electric powered?

  • However, the electric cart is quieter, cheaper to operate and still has plenty of power to get around the golf course. Due to those factors, all the golf carts on this list are electric powered. Though we don't have links to buy any carts, this comprehensive list will help you find what you need, so checkout our picks for best golf carts in 2021!

image-Where are Fairplay golf carts made?
image-Where are Fairplay golf carts made?
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