Where does the Durango Silverton train go?

Which side of the Durango train is best?

Recommendation: sit on the RIGHT side of the BUS going THERE to see some great scenery and the LEFT side of the TRAIN going BACK to see some scary-awesome cliffs and feel like you're going to die.

Is the Durango Silverton train worth it?

This was a great experience and I highly recommend it.… It's a long trip.... 3.5 hours up and then back but worth it. The scenery on the steam train is exceptional.

Are there bathrooms on the Durango Silverton train?

Yes. Restrooms are located in the rear of each of the enclosed standard coaches and are accessible for all passengers.

Is the Durango & Silverton train round trip?

Enjoy a full day on the train with a 9 hour round-trip experience beginning with a 3.5 hour journey from Durango to Silverton. Once there, you'll have 2 hours to explore the historic mining town of Silverton before the 3.5 hour train ride back to Durango. View the Round trip schedule & fares.

image-Where does the Durango Silverton train go?
image-Where does the Durango Silverton train go?

Is there food on the Durango train?

Yes there is food served on the train, in the concession car. If you travel in the last car then the snacks and soft drinks are free.


Is the Durango & Silverton train running?

The Durango & Silverton Railroad is open and running train trips. We are sorry for any inconvenience, but Gateway Reservations is not selling Durango & Silverton Train tickets in 2021. For information and reservations, please visit the website or call their reservations office at 970-247-2733.


Does the Durango train turn around?

The train turns around in Silverton so if you go both ways on train, you will get both views. Seats are reserved. If you are going in July, you may want to check out the open air gondola. That's standard class.


Where should I sit on a Durango train?

Select a seat a few rows behind the middle seats in the coach. If you sit too far forward, the front wall of the car may block your view. Round-trip passengers will see the scenery on both sides of the train. Some passengers choose to ride the train one-way and the bus via the highway for their return to Durango.Nov 14, 2018


What do you wear on a Durango train?

Preparing for the Ride: Because of the changing mountain climate and the increase in elevation from Durango to Silverton, we strongly encourage you to dress in layers of clothing. Sunglasses are highly recommended to protect eyes from possible cinders in the air.


What is the best seat on the Durango Silverton train?

5 answers. Best views are on the right side of the train going up from Durango to Silverton. over a year ago. The right side seemed to have the best views on the way up.


What is Durango famous for?

Durango is known for many things — massive mountains, unbeatable skiing and a historic narrow gauge railroad to name a few. But there's so much more to this former mining town.


Why is it called Million Dollar Highway?

The canyon-clinging stretch of spectacular roadway between Silverton, Durango and Ouray is called “The Million Dollar Highway” either because it cost so much to build, the amount of gold ore that remained in the roadway's fill or the figurative price for those amazing San Juan Mountain views.

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