Where is Camp Helen state park located?

What is there to do in Camp Helen?

  • Camp Helen is a great fishing spot for both fresh and saltwater species, and the park provides numerous nature trails for hiking. Visit the lodge and relax in the rocking chairs overlooking Lake Powell, or head to the beach for swimming, beachcombing]

Is there a lifeguard at Camp Helen State Park?

  • No lifeguard is on duty, so exercise caution and use good judgment when entering any body of water. Camp Helen State Park is located at 23937 Panama City Beach Pkwy. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device.

How do I purchase an annual entrance pass to Camp Helen?

  • Annual Entrance Passes may be purchased online by visiting the FLORIDA STATE PARKS ANNUALENTRANCE PASSES web page. Boating opportunities exist at Camp Helen State Park; in that we are located on Lake Powell and The Gulf of Mexico connected by Phillips Inlet. Camp Helen has no public boat ramp, no canoe launch facilities, nor tie-ups.

image-Where is Camp Helen state park located?
image-Where is Camp Helen state park located?
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