Where is Caswell Memorial State Park?

How many people can you camp at Caswell State Park?

  • Caswell Memorial State Park Campground has 64 campsites which can accommodate tents and small RVs or trailers. Many sites are near the river. Trees provide ample shade to the campsites. The campground also has a Group Campsite for up to 50 people. Max. People per Site: Reservations are available whenever campground is open.

How many acres of land does Caswell have?

  • In 1950 the children and grand children donated 134 acres to the people of California. Additional donations and state purchases brought Caswell to its current size of 258 acres. Caswell Memorial State Park was open to the public in 1958.

How far is Caswell State Park from San Francisco?

  • The Park is about an 80-mile drive from San Francisco and is a nice destination for a weekend camping trip. Caswell Memorial State Park is surrounded by farmland, but the area around the river remains much the same as it did 100 years ago. This park is on the list of possible closures due to California state budget cuts.

image-Where is Caswell Memorial State Park?
image-Where is Caswell Memorial State Park?
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