Where is Chan Chan located today?

Is Chan Chan a UNESCO World Heritage Site?

  • UNESCO World Heritage Site. Chan Chan was the largest city of the pre-Columbian era in South America. It is now an archaeological site in La Libertad Region 5 kilometres (3.1 mi) west of Trujillo, Peru.

What is the meaning of the song Chan Chan?

  • About “Chan Chan”. Chan Chan is a song that has great meaning for Cuban music history. It is written in 1987, and was one of Buena Vista Social Clubs last songs. The lyrics describe a couple, Chan Chan and Juanica, who go to the beach to build their house out of sand, and as they collect it, Juanica shakes the sifter and Chan Chan is aroused.

What is the UK single cover for Chan Chan?

  • UK single cover for "Chan Chan". "Chan Chan" is a 1984 son composition by Cuban trovador Compay Segundo. It was first recorded in 1985 by Compay Segundo's own group. In 1987, he approached Eliades Ochoa, who agreed to record a version with the Cuarteto Patria.

image-Where is Chan Chan located today?
image-Where is Chan Chan located today?
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