Where is Ghale Gaun situated?

What are the attraction of Ghale Gaun?

Activities around Ghale Gaun include bird watching at Talangyo Lake and visits to the Utter Kanya Temple, Pempro Fall, Batase Cave and the Khudi hydroelectric dam site.

Who are the inhabitants of Ghale Gaun?

The total houses are about 115 and majority inhabitants are Gurungs. This majestic village is only 205 km northwest of Kathmandu and 125 km northeast of Pokhara. The rustic and traditional settlements, the ancestral home of brave Gurungs Ghale gaun lies in the Ghale utterkanya Village development committee.

How do the inhabitants of Ghale Gaun welcome the guests?

"Why are they taking marigold garland with Tika?" I asked my mother. "This is how they welcome their guests", my mother replied. We were treated with proper hospitality. We were served with fresh and delicious organic food.

Which caste is Ghale?

Ghale is an indigenous group of Nepal. The Ghale speak Ghale language.

image-Where is Ghale Gaun situated?
image-Where is Ghale Gaun situated?

When did the writer go to Ghale Gaun?

3. Read the text again and answer these questions. (a) Where did the writer go on holiday? Ans: The writer went to Ghale Gaun on a holiday.


Where did Deva live?

The Trāyastriṃśa devas, who live on the peak of Sumeru and are something like the Olympian gods. Their ruler is Śakra. Sakka, as he is called in pali, is a Sotapanna and a devotee of the Buddha. (These are also known as the Devas of the Thirty-Three.)


Who is the king of Gurung?

Gurung legends describe a "Ghale Raja," a king who ruled the Gurungs in ancient times. He was overthrown by the Nepali raja of a neighboring principality about the fifteenth century AD. By the sixteenth century, Khasa kings of the Shah family had conquered most of the principalities that make up Present-day Nepal.


What is the highest caste in Nepal?

Chhetri is the largest caste/ethnic groups having 16.6% (4,398,053) of the total population followed by Brahman-Hill (12.2%; 3,226,903), Magar (7.1% ; 1,887,733), Tharu (6.6% ; 1,737,470), Tamang (5.8% ; 1,539,830), Newar (5% ; 1,321,933), Kami (4.8% ; 1,258,554), Musalman (4.4% ; 1,164,255), Yadav (4% ; 1,054,458) and ...


How many types of Ghale are there?

Dialects are Khorla, Uiya, Jagat, Philim, and Nyak. Southern Ghale (21,500 speakers as of 2006) is spoken in the hills south of Macha Khola in Gorkha District, Gandaki Zone. Dialects are Barpak, Kyaura, and Laprak.


In which Nepali month does Holi mostly fall?

Holi, also known as Festival of Colors, is one of the most popular festivals in Nepal. It takes place on the full moon day in Nepali Fagu month (February to March in Solar Calendar) and lasts for 2 days.Dec 31, 2020


Who was igneous Class 8?

Ignesious was the manager of a cooperative society in Katchall. When his wife told him about an earthquake, he immediately took his television set off its table and put it down on the ground so that it would not fall and break. Question 4: How did Sanjeev lose his life?


What are the beautiful Gurung villages of Ghale Gaun?

  • Ghan Pokhara, Bhujung, Pasgaun, Kapurgaun, Siurung are the beautiful Gurung villages sorrundings of Ghale Gaun. Tour to these villages is possible from Ghale gaun. The visits to these villages help to know more about Gurung culture, history & civilization. Every villages around Ghale Gaun has their own uniqueness.


What is Ghalegaun famous for?

  • Ghalegaun is an exotic pristine village endowed with an unparalleled scenic grandeur and a home to Ghales the famed Gurungs the legendary mountain people of western Nepal. Repository of a unique ethnic culture Ghalegaun is a true microcosm of stunning natural beauty mixed with an unspoiled ethnic life style.


How to reach Ghale Gaun from Kathmandu?

  • The ghale gaun Lies to the great Annapurna Range which starts from Beshishar around 43 km North from Dumbre the popular stop at Prithivi Highway. Besishahar can be reached by bus from Kathmandu Pokhara as well from major cities of the country.


How to get from Besisahar to Ghale Gaun?

  • Besisahar to Khudi road is 7 km, takes 25 minutes by bus. Stay overnight at a lodge in Khudi. After a hot breakfast, prepare backpack, hike to Ghale Gaun in 5 hours with an interesting view of mountains, river, village, and a forest. When you reached the village, the host welcomes their homes with a drink.

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