Where is Lake Kissimmee located in Florida?

What is there to do at Lake Kissimmee State Park?

  • Lake Kissimmee State Park also has six miles of hiking trails that are open to equestrians. A large, shaded picnic area with pavilions is available in areas. The Lake Kissimmee State Park has a full-facility campsite and marina as well as a primitive camping facility. The youth camping area can accommodate up to 50 people.

What is the Kissimmee River watershed?

  • Lake Kissimmee and the Kissimmee River are part of the 2,900-square-mile Kissimmee River watershed. Tommy is a Navy veteran who began his career with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection in 2015. Reggie and Rosie make the long drive down every winter from Michigan to camp host at Lake Kissimmee State Park.

Are there alligators in Lake Kissimmee?

  • The lake is almost entirely in Osceola County, but the western shore, and a small part of the lake, is in Polk County. Lake Kissimmee State Park is rich with wildlife, including bald eagles, white tailed deer, alligators, ospreys, bobcats, turkeys, and sandhill cranes.

image-Where is Lake Kissimmee located in Florida?
image-Where is Lake Kissimmee located in Florida?
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