Where is Larchmont Boulevard in Los Angeles?

What are the street boundaries of Larchmont Village?

  • Street boundaries are Melrose Avenue on the north, Western Avenue on the east, Beverly Boulevard on the south and North Arden Boulevard on the west. Larchmont Village was developed in the late 1800s.

Where to eat pizza on Larchmont Boulevard?

  • From Chevalier's, cross Larchmont Boulevard for a slice or a full pie at Village Pizzeria. While there's more and more great pizza available throughout Los Angeles, Village Pizzeria's first location on Larchmont is well-known as one of the only places to get a truly delicious slice of classic New York.

What is Larchmont known for?

  • Larchmont village with farmers market. Larchmont is a half-square-mile neighborhood in the central region of the City of Los Angeles, California. Larchmont is notable for its quaint old-town shopping street and well-maintained historic homes.

image-Where is Larchmont Boulevard in Los Angeles?
image-Where is Larchmont Boulevard in Los Angeles?
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