Where is Mystic Park?

What can you do at Mystic Lakes?

  • Enjoy a day by the water at Mystic Lakes. If you're looking for swimming or sunbathing, check out Shannon Beach. Looking for other fun on the water? The lakes are perfect for rowing or sailing.

Where is Mystic Lake in Los Angeles?

  • The lake is located east of the Lake Perris reservoir and the town of Lakeview, between the cities of Moreno Valley, to the north, and San Jacinto, to the south. The town of Lakeview received its name for its proximity to Mystic Lake. Mystic Lake receding during dry times.

What are the restrictions at mymystic waters?

  • Mystic Waters encourages everyone to lock any valuable in the lockers, as the park district is not responsible for any lost or stolen items. Slide Restrictions: Metal objects, eyeglasses/goggles, or jewelry are not permitted on any of the slides.

image-Where is Mystic Park?
image-Where is Mystic Park?
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