Where is Opus 40 located?

What techniques did Harvey Fite use in Opus 40?

  • He used ancient Mayan techniques (among others) to create Opus 40's curved and sloping walkways, terraces, and platforms, using local stone. Opus 40 sometimes gets billed as a "sculpture park," and there are some of Harvey Fite's sculptures there, but the truth is, the park itself is the sculpture.

What is opopus 40?

  • Opus 40, whose very name evokes the tenacity of its creator, Harvey Fite, is a monument to the upper bounds of hard work and dedication that took most of 37 years to build.

How many acres did Fite own when he built Opus 40?

  • Over the years spent building his Opus, Fite acquired another 70 acres of land on which he built a studio, garage, blacksmith shop and Quarryman's Museum. Opus 40 hosts a variety of events, and has provided a stunning backdrop for concerts by Sonny Rollins, Jimmy Cliff, Orleans and Pat Metheny over the years.

image-Where is Opus 40 located?
image-Where is Opus 40 located?
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