Where is the Bayside Marketplace in Miami?

What is the name of the shopping center in Miami?

Bayside Marketplace. Bayside Marketplace is two-story open air shopping center located in the Downtown Miami area. The banks of Biscayne Bay wrap around the property with the City of Miami marina at its side. It is recognized by the Greater Miami Convention & Visitor's Bureau as the number one most visited attraction in Miami.

What makes Bayside different from other shopping malls?

Different from typical shopping malls, Bayside offers an entertainment experience with live music daily, restaurants, bars, open-container policy, family events, and the picturesque settings that come with a waterfront property. Tenancy at the Bayside Marketplace consist of 140 inline spaces,...

What is your first memory of Bayside Marketplace?

THEN, TRY THE CHURROMANIAS !!!!!!!! My first memory of Bayside Marketplace was when I traveled to Florida with my parents for the first time as a middle schooler, decades ago. It was a pleasant outdoor shopping center then, and it's still a big draw today, even if it's showing its age.

image-Where is the Bayside Marketplace in Miami?
image-Where is the Bayside Marketplace in Miami?
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