Where is the headquarters of Orbitz?

How does Orbitz rewards work?

Earn hotel savings and exclusive travel perks with Orbitz Rewards. Already a Rewards member? Sign in Book and earn rewards—it's that simple! It's free. There are no fees or obligations. Book travel and instantly earn money off your next stay. Access more perks the more nights you stay.

What are some other Orbitz Worldwide online travel companies?

Other Orbitz Worldwide online travel companies include CheapTickets in the Americas; ebookers in Europe; and HotelClub and RatestoGo, based in Sydney. Orbitz Worldwide also owns and operates Orbitz for Business, a corporate travel company.

Does Orbitz for business offer Southwest Airlines?

In June 2008, Orbitz For Business became one of the first Online Travel Agents to offer Southwest flights on the Orbitz For Business website. In July 2009, CNET revealed that Orbitz, along with other popular consumer websites and Fandango, have been routinely giving post-transaction marketers access to their customers' credit cards.

image-Where is the headquarters of Orbitz?
image-Where is the headquarters of Orbitz?
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