Where is the Point Judith ferry?

How do you get around in Rhode Island by ferry?

  • Rhode Island > State > Getting Around > Ferries. Traditional or high-speed ferries take passengers from Point Judith, on the mainland of Rhode Island, and Newport to Block Island. Traditional and fast ferries cross from Block Island to Montauk, New York. A Jamestown-to-Newport ferry crosses between these two Rhode Island islands.

What is the parking policy for the PT Judith ferry?

  • Parking at the Pt. Judith ferry terminal- all lots are individually owned and operated. Vehicles Reservations - Automobiles that have vehicle reservation for the ferry should arrive 1 full hour prior to scheduled departure time.

What is Point Judith known for?

  • Point Judith offers year-round ferry service that connects Block Island to the mainland and contains the fishing hamlet of Galilee, Rhode Island where you can find fresh local seafood.Point Judith village sits on the coast of Narragansett on the western side of Narragansett Bay where it opens out onto Rhode Island Sound.

image-Where is the Point Judith ferry?
image-Where is the Point Judith ferry?
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