Where is the swag resort?

Why choose the swag motel?

  • The Swag Motel is a RACQ certified 3.5 star motel having received runner up in the Mackay-Isaac Region Tourism Awards for 49 rooms and over in 2012. View Gallery

Is the swag the most romantic resort in the south?

  • Andrew Harper named The Swag the "Most Romantic Hideaway" in his 2018 Grand Awards. The Swag was also named the #2 "Top Resort in the South" in the Conde Nast 2017 Readers' Choice Awards. The Beautiful Swag! The Swag is an absolutely beautiful resort.

Why choose the swag?

  • Perched almost a mile above sea level on the summit of the Great Smoky Mountains, The Swag combines authentic hospitality with epic natural beauty. Step into our luxury hideaway and take a moment away.

image-Where is the swag resort?
image-Where is the swag resort?
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