Where is the upper room chapel located?

What is the Upper Room ministry?

  • About The Upper Room The Upper Room® is a global ministry dedicated to supporting the spiritual life of Christians seeking to know and experience God more fully.

How long has the upper room been around?

  • For 80 years, The Upper Room daily devotional guide has encouraged people everywhere to share their stories of faith. Not long after its first issue was printed The Upper Room began crossing borders and being translated into Spanish, Korean, and Hindustani.

Is the upper room available in other languages?

  • Now, The Upper Room is translated into more than 30 languages and can be found in over 100 countries. The change over the past two years has created layers of trauma and exhaustion. It doesn’t Read More What is RESILIENCE?

image-Where is the upper room chapel located?
image-Where is the upper room chapel located?
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