Where should I stop from San Jose to Santa Barbara?

How far is Santa Barbara from SJ?

Driving distance from Santa Barbara (SBA) to San Jose (SJC) is 286 miles / 461 kilometers and travel time by car is about 5 hours 36 minutes.

What is the closest major airport to Santa Barbara?

The nearest airport to Santa Barbara is Santa Barbara (SBA) Airport which is 8 miles away. Other nearby airports include Burbank (BUR) (78.9 miles), Los Angeles (LAX) (81.2 miles), Long Beach (LGB) (98.7 miles) and Santa Ana (SNA) (117.7 miles).

Is Santa Barbara near LA?

Santa Barbara, city, seat (1850) of Santa Barbara county, southwestern California, U.S. It lies along the Pacific coast at the base of the Santa Ynez Mountains, facing the Santa Barbara Channel. It is situated 97 miles (156 km) northwest of Los Angeles.

How much is the train from San Diego to Santa Barbara?

Trains from San Diego to Santa Barbara

The railroad connecting two cities is about 230 miles. We recommend taking the train, which is a fast option and takes around 6 hours. The average train ticket price from San Diego to Santa Barbara is 45 USD.

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image-Where should I stop from San Jose to Santa Barbara?

Where should I stop between Carmel and Santa Barbara?

Top cities between Carmel and Santa Barbara. The top cities between Carmel and Santa Barbara are Paso Robles, Big Sur, San Luis Obispo, Cambria, Solvang, Pismo Beach, and Morro Bay. Paso Robles is the most popular city on the route — it's 2 hours from Carmel and 2 hours from Santa Barbara.


How long does it take to drive the Pacific Coast Highway from LA to San Francisco?

1. Re: LA to San Francisco - How long is the drive up the PCH? Without stops, you are looking at 10-11 hours of driving.


Is Highway 1 worth the drive?

It's rightfully rated as one of the top road trips in the world. This is a particularly breathtaking drive, especially through Big Sur where the Santa Lucia mountains plunge into the sea, and the surf and wind relentlessly pound the rocks and shore below and bend the native cypress trees into otherworldly shapes.Sep 17, 2021


Is Santa Barbara or Carmel better?

Santa Barbara is a city, although a very lovely one with its Spanish colonial revival architecture and its beaches. Carmel is more of a charming village and art colony with a lovely beach, but more for walking than sunbathing, because of weather and water temperature, and is very romantic.


How many days do you need in Big Sur?

If you are staying in the area, we recommend spending at least 2-3 days in the area. There are so many beautiful hikes, beaches and nearby towns that will make it easy to fill those three days. One of the best parts about visiting Big Sur is not being rushes and taking the time to enjoy the area at a relaxing pace.

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