Where to live in Vienna?

How long can I rent an apartment in Vienna for?

  • All apartments have flexible rental periods. This makes Vienna Residence the perfect choice for both short and long term rental in Vienna - simpy stay as long as you feel like. Most of our guests rent an apartment for 1 month, 1 year or even longer, because they appreciate our service.

Why invest in real estate in Vienna?

  • Economic factors are influenced by the value of real estate investments and Vienna provides total security for investors interested in acquiring a property. This explains why investments in real estate have grown in the last fifteen years. Its leisure offer together with the beauty of Vienna are some of the reasons that influence this factor.

What is Vienna famous for?

  • Vienna’s historic city center and Schönbrunn Palace have been declared World Heritage Sites. The St. Stephen's Cathedral and the Prater Ferris wheel are among the monumental symbols of a city which is simultaneously ancient and modern; magnificent Baroque and Art Nouveau buildings shouldering modern architecture of today.

image-Where to live in Vienna?
image-Where to live in Vienna?
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