Which province is the best kept secret in Canada?

What is Cape Breton known for?

Cape Breton is well known for its traditional fiddle music, which was brought to North America by Scottish immigrants during the Highland Clearances. The traditional style has been well preserved in Cape Breton, and céilidhs have become a popular attraction for tourists.

Is Cape Breton a nice place to live?

SYDNEY — The most populous community in Nova Scotia's second-largest municipality is near the top of a list of Canada's most livable places that was prepared for big city homeowners looking for a change of address.Mar 12, 2021

Is Cape Breton Island a good place to retire?

Cape Breton is one of the most reasonable places to live in Canada. You won't find a cheaper place to buy a house, and you won't be taxed to death. The best places to find your next home are or . You also have access to all of the seafood you would ever need if that is your thing.Aug 26, 2015

Why should I move to Cape Breton?

Cape Breton is a welcoming place for newcomers because people here want to see you grow. Cape Breton...provides people with abundant resources to help them build up the life of which they always dream. Magic happens on this little island. It's the people, the nature, and the rich culture that captures your heart.

image-Which province is the best kept secret in Canada?
image-Which province is the best kept secret in Canada?

What is the population of Cape Breton Nova Scotia?

Cape Breton Island has a population of around 137,000 with five main groups: Scottish, Irish, English, Acadian and Mi'kmaq. The island's population has been declining for two decades.


Where is Cape Breton in Canada?

Cape Breton Island, Mi'kmaq Unama'ki, northeastern portion of Nova Scotia, Canada. It is separated from the remainder of the province and the Canadian mainland by the 2-mile- (3-km-) wide Strait of Canso (southwest) and is further bounded by the Gulf of St.Oct 21, 2021


Is Sable Island inhabited?

In 1598 the marquis de la Roche unsuccessfully attempted to colonize the place with 50 French ex-convicts; only 11 survived and were removed in 1603. Now administratively a part of Nova Scotia, Sable (French: “sand”) Island is inhabited by only a few families and a few hundred wild ponies.


Is Nova Scotia expensive to visit?

Nova Scotia can be an affordable destination if you budget properly. It gets more expensive during peak summer season and early fall, but it doesn't have to break the budget.Dec 8, 2021


When did Cape Breton become part of Nova Scotia?

  • Cape Breton Island was re-annexed to Nova Scotia in 1820. In 1835 when the county was divided into three distinct counties; namely Cape Breton (Northeastern District), Richmond (Southern District which later became Richmond County) and Juste au Corps (Northwest District later called Inverness County).


Where is Cape Breton Island located in Canada?

  • Cape Breton Island (French: île du Cap-Breton —formerly Île Royale; Scottish Gaelic: Ceap Breatainn or Eilean Cheap Breatainn; Mi'kmaq: Unamaꞌkik; or simply Cape Breton) is an island on the Atlantic coast of North America and part of the province of Nova Scotia, Canada. The 10,311 km 2 (3,981 sq mi)...


What to do on Cape Breton Island?

  • Sit back, relax, and enjoy a meal on one of Cape Breton Island's many patios. Whether you're oceanside, beachside, or buried in the mountains you won't regret exploring these patio options. Keep up with Parks Canada's reopenings.


How safe is Cape Breton for travel?

  • Cape Breton crime rates are 31% lower than the national average, violent crimes are 19% lower than the national average, and in Cape Breton, you have a 1 in 31 chance of becoming a victim of crime. While living in Cape Breton, you do not have to worry about the safety of you, your family, or your property.

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