Who is Tasha Smith's twin sister?

How old are Sindra and Tasha Smith?

Tasha and Sindra Smith are identical twins, born on February 28, 1971. Both sisters are an American actress, comedian, and model. Sidra has also acted, but mostly she works full time as a director and producer.

Who is Tasha Smith husband Keith Douglas?

Tasha Smith Husband Smith was married to Keith Douglas. She and Douglas got married in 2010 after one year of dating. He was also her manager.

Who is Tasha Smith mother Monique Smith?

Tasha Smith Mother Smith is the daughter of Monique Smith. She was raised by a single mother. There is no more information available about her mother at the moment.

image-Who is Tasha Smith's twin sister?
image-Who is Tasha Smith's twin sister?
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