Who is the owner of Glen Ivy hot springs?

Why choose Glen Ivy?

  • You’ll find all the joys of wellbeing here at Glen Ivy: nature, water, spa treatments, exercise, good food and friendship. We invite you to invest in your health and happiness with our Club 1860 Membership and make Glen Ivy a part of your everyday life. Take your Glen Ivy experience home with you.

How many venues does Glen Ivy kitchen have?

  • Our four venues: Ivy Kitchen, GOCO Café, The Lounge 1860 and Chill Zone, each have their own vibe but everything we serve comes with a fresh, clean farm-to-table taste. We want you to have fun at Glen Ivy so we’ve created an ever-changing calendar of events and activities to keep you entertained and in shape!

What are the hours of operation at Glen Ivy hot springs?

  • Open 8:00 am – 4:00 pm daily. A credit card is required to book. Please note that Glen Ivy Hot Springs welcomes guests age 18 and over. Physical ID required for admission. The health and safety of our guests is our number one priority. Some spa treatments may not be suitable if you are experiencing certain health issues.

image-Who is the owner of Glen Ivy hot springs?
image-Who is the owner of Glen Ivy hot springs?
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