Who owns Chateau de Meursault?

Is Meursault a good wine?

While Burgundy is renowned for its grand crus, Meursault has no grand cru. ... Yet its wines are well-regarded, often uttered in the same sentence as its grand cru neighbors in Montrachet.

What kind of wine is Meursault?

Meursault wine is one of the finest white wines in Burgundy. The wines of Meursault celebrate the name of Chardonnay. Meursault's vineyard opens a golden door, that of "La Côte des Blancs" in Burgundy, south of Beaune, between Volnay and Puligny-Montrachet.

Why is Meursault so expensive?

A Meursault grower sets his price according to the region's reputation, whatever the individual wine's quality. High price in this case is not a matter of scarcity. There is more white wine made in Meursault than in any other village of Burgundy's prestigious Cote d'Or.Nov 26, 1995

Is Meursault buttery?

There are more top producers in Meursault than in any other commune of the Côte d'Or. Certainly it is the most famous and popular of the great white appellations. Its wines are typically rich and savoury with nutty, honeyed hints and buttery, vanilla spice from the oak.

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What is the difference between Montrachet and Meursault?

Its difficult to generalise on different styles, although its fair to say that the wines of Meursault give a nuttier, rounded style of wine compared to the tensile, refined and focused wines from Puligny-Montrachet. Chassagne is more broad-shouldered and intense compared to its neighbours.Feb 18, 2019


Is Meursault wine sweet?

For the reds: there the mouthfeel is round, supple, with a medium to high acidity and tannin, and medium fruity sweetness.


When should I drink Meursault?

But, with one important caveat, there is no rush to drink Meursault once it hits maturity. The wine will continue to develop nicely for many years. Even village Meursault from a decent producer should drink well at age 15 (a recent 2000 Narvaux from Javillier was delish and felt like it would hold for many more years).Sep 10, 2015


What does Meursault taste like?

The young wine is redolent of toasted almonds and hazelnuts in a floral (mayflower, elder, bracken, lime, verbena) and mineral (flint) setting. Butter, honey, and citrus fruits are also present. On the palate it is rich and fat with a cheerful and appealing taste of hazelnut.


What food goes with Meursault?

Meursault goes well with subtle and fine-textured fish or meat such as grilled lobster, crawfish or king prawns in garlic butter sauce, and poultry or veal with white sauce. Dishes with aromatic and crisp textures match with the lively minerality, acidity and supple balance of the wine.Jul 18, 2016


Is Meursault Chardonnay oaked?

The Chardonnay made here isn't especially intense or powerful, but is more supple and soft, with buttery, nutty flavors. Genevrières: Wines from this subregion are the perfect representation of the classic Meursault wine style. They are heavily oaked, creamy, and very round.Feb 1, 2019

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