Why is squantz pond closed?

How big is squantz pond?

INTRODUCTION Squantz Pond is + 288 acres (0.45 square miles) in size and located astride the Sherman and New Fairfield town line (see Figure 1).

Is Candlewood Lake man made?

Candlewood Lake is a manmade lake located in Fairfield and Litchfield counties of Western Connecticut, in the northeastern United States. At 8.4 square miles (22 km2), it is the largest lake in Connecticut and the largest lake within a 60 mile radius of New York City.

Why is squantz pond closed?

DEEP announced today that the beach at Squantz Pond State Park has been closed to swimmers because of the presence of blue green algae which can emit toxins that can be harmful to people and dogs. ... When blue-green algae blooms release toxins, people and pets using the water body for recreation can be affected.

Can you swim in Squantz Pond?

Squantz Pond State Park is closed to swimming because indicator bacteria was found in the water, according to the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection.Aug 9, 2019


How many people have drowned squantz pond?

Since 1998, 44 people have drowned at state parks, some of those deaths occurring at parks with lifeguards on duty. Thirteen people have drowned at Squantz Pond State Park, New Fairfield, for example, more than at any other state park, even though it has had lifeguards on patrol at least some of the time.Sep 1, 2017


Can you fish at Squantz Pond?

Can you fish in Squantz Pond? Squantz Pond is near New Fairfield. The most popular species caught here are Largemouth bass, Smallmouth bass, and Walleye. 287 catches are logged on Fishbrain.


Does squantz pond allow dogs?

Squantz Pond State Park is dog-friendly between October 1 to April 14. Unfortunately, pets are not permitted during the summer season outside of these dates. The park is a 172 acre public recreation area on the southwestern shore of the gigantic 270-acre Squantz Pond.


Does squantz pond connect to Candlewood Lake?

Because Candlewood Lake and Squantz are connected by a causeway under Route 39, Squantz Pond must be included in the controversial shoreline management plan for Candlewood. Tweed's head start and its innovative deal with Avports should earn it some breathing room.Sep 19, 2007


Can you swim in Ball Pond?

There is a community beach maintained by the Ball Pond ... Covers close to 25 acres and has 2 softball fields, bocce, shuffle board courts, 3 tennis courts, basketball court, a sand volleyball court and a children's playground. The park also has an outdoor swimming pool with a bath house.


Is Squantz Pond man made?

"There are no currents at all in Squantz Pond. It's a man-made body of water," said New Fairfield's Ben Chitester, an Ohio University student who has spent the last two summers as a lifeguard at Squantz Pond.May 30, 2007


What time does Sherwood Island close?

Hours: Daily, 8 a.m.-sunset.


Can you fish in Lake Whitney Hamden CT?

Can you fish in Lake Whitney? Lake Whitney is near Hamden. The most popular species caught here are Largemouth bass, Channel catfish, and Striped bass. 17 catches are logged on Fishbrain.


Is Candlewood Lake open to non residents?

This 11-acre park has a picture-postcard beachfront for swimming and relaxing, as well as benches, playground, picnic tables and a concession stand. There is also a boat dock adjacent to the park. Non-residents can obtain daily passes.


Is it safe to swim in Candlewood Lake?

Local town beaches are considered safe to swim and can reopen when toxin levels are below 15 parts per billion, Marsicano said. The Candlewood Lake Authority posted the test results Friday from the Western Connecticut State University Cyanotoxin Monitoring Program that show the levels are "well below the threshold."Jul 8, 2016


How do I get to Squantz Pond on Route 39?

Take Exit 5 and go left at the traffic light onto Route 39 north, following the signs to Squantz Pond. The park is located off Route 39 approximately 4? miles north of the center of New Fairfield. From East on I-84: take Exit 6 in Danbury.


What is Squantz Pond like?

Squantz Pond offers four season enjoyment with steep, wooded slopes, a cool, blue pond and colorful foliage to delight visitors throughout the year. Squantz Pond immerses the visitor in a "mountain like" setting. Steep, wooded slopes disappear into the cool, blue pond below.


How did Squantz State Park get its name?

The state park was established through the purchase of a 138-acre farm in 1926 and is named after Chief Squantz, leader of the Schaghticoke Tribe. The park was developed by the Civilian Conservation Corps. In the 1930ā€™s.

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