Why spring is the perfect time to visit Savannah?

When to visit Savannah

  • High Season: March to June. The weather is at peak perfection – just before the heat and humidity have yet to reach sweltering levels.
  • Shoulder Season: Mid-September to November. Still a very popular season thanks to milder temperatures. ...
  • Low Season: January to February. The cooler temperatures mean fewer crowds and a quieter city overall. ...

What is the best month to visit Savannah?

The best time to visit Savannah is between March and July, when temperatures are warm and there are great events like the Savannah Music Festival (late March to early April) and the River Street Seafood Festival (early May).

What is the weather like in Savannah Georgia in September?

The average temperature in Savannah, Georgia in September is fairly hot at 24.8 °C (76.64 °F). Afternoons can be very hot with average high temperatures reaching 29.6 °C (85.3 °F). Overnight temperatures are generally warm with an average low of 19.9 °C (67.8 °F).

What are some attractions in Savannah Georgia?

The attractions in Savannah, GA are full of adventure, offering visitors endless things to do and the best times to be had in the South. Take an open-air trolley tour through historic downtown Savannah, see a play at the famous Savannah Theatre, or walk the beautiful beaches at Tybee Island.

image-Why spring is the perfect time to visit Savannah?
image-Why spring is the perfect time to visit Savannah?
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